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As Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Myrick delivers lectures and presentations to colleges and corporations. He has established a working relationship with federal, state, and local agencies responsible for medical supplies, training, development, and business solutions. Besides his business expertise, Dr. Myrick has more than twenty-two years of program management information systems, recruiting, training and development, and business solutions experience in several disciplines including aerospace engineering; military command, control and communications systems (C3S); and, broadcast television systems. During his career, Dr. Myrick has held senior executive management positions with The United States Air Force and The University of Georgia (UGA). As Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies at UGA, he recruited,trained, and consulted with executives from around the world. Dr. Myrick has a PhD in Business and a M.B.A. He also holds a B.S. in Education, Training, and Development.  He has an Top Secret clearance and has published numerous articles and technical papers.